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#005: Diana Chapman - Conscious Self-Leadership

Episode Summary

In our fifth conversation, I talk with Diana Chapman, the co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group and one of the most sought-after executive coaches in the world. We discuss tools to navigate difficult feelings, the importance of body mindfulness in emotional regulation, and the link between personal integrity and creativity. Additionally, we explore the importance of curiosity and play in reducing drama and what happens when we step into our "zone of genius".

Episode Notes

MARCH 23rd, 2023 • 53 minutes 48 seconds

Our fifth guest on WTRB is Diana Chapman, the co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group and one of the most sought-after executive coaches in the world. 

In this episode we cover:

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• Website: https://www.schlaf.co/  

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Where to find information on Diana Chapman

Twitter: @DianaChapman

LinkedIn: @Diana-Chapman

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Gay and Katie Hendricks

Jim Dethmer

Kaley Klemp


The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

Locating Yourself: Above or Below the Line?

Time Stamps

0:00 Diana Chapman Soundbite

00:33 Introduction to Podcast

01:02 Introducing Diana Chapman

02:02 Passion, Play, and Reducing Drama

02:59 Being a Stay At Home Mom

04:18 Shift Into Personal Development Work

06:00 Apprenticeship with Gay and Katie Hendricks

06:42 Meeting Co-Founder Jim Dethmer

07:08 Founding the Conscious Leadership Group

07:25 The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

08:39 “Above or Below The Line"

10:09 Helpful Handout to Discover If You Are In A Reactive State

10:50 Dealing With Fear During Transition

11:51 How To Accept Yourself When Stuck In Drama

13:21 “Would You Be Willing?”, Taking Ownership of Experience

14:07 The 3 Centers Of Intelligence

15:42 "Whole Body Yes”

19:19 How To Navigate Conflicting Feelings

22:44 Breathing Through Sensations of Grief

24:21 Benefits of Embracing Feelings

26:11 Aliveness and Accepting Emotional Discomfort

28:09 What Full Aliveness Feels Like

28:51 Aliveness and Personal Integrity

30:26 Paying Less "Drama Tax", Freeing Energy for Creativity

30:57 Sexual Energy and Aliveness

34:39 Anger and Sexual Energy

35:26 Anger “Above The Line”, Intelligence of Anger

36:56 Using Play to Accept and Shift Drama

39:08 Play: Why We’ve Abandoned It and How To Bring It Back

41:13 Play and The Zone of Genius

41:49 How To Find Your Zone of Genius

43:47 Importance of Discovering Your Zone of Genius

44:39 What Holds People Back From Stepping Into Zone of Genius

46:09 The Concept Of “Upper Limiting”; Conditioning, Guilt and Sabotage

48:10 Story vs Fact, How Stories Can Create Suffering

49:43 Reinterpreting The Stories We Tell Ourselves

50:19 The Courageous Path of Being Human

51:14 Connect Online With Conscious Leadership Group and Diana Chapman